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Runtime Windows Phone App

My latest app, Runtime for WP7 is here!

RunTime is a FREE stopwatch app for Windows Phone 7.
The stopwatch continues to run in the background even if you lock the screen or leave the app.
The app allows saving laps.
The app shows both the main stopwatch timer as well as the current lap timer.

You can download the app by scanning the following QR code with Bing Vision (Press the Search button on your WP, press “Vision” then point the camera at the scree and follow the link):

Otherwise you can download it by visit the following link:



I hope you like the app! Enjoy

Puzzler Windows Phone Game

My second WP7 app, Puzzler  is out.

Puzzler is an entertaining puzzle game with configurable levels and different game modes.

The trial offers all the functions of the game so you can experience the gameplay in all game modes and difficulty levels. It contains two puzzle image packs of seven images each.

The paid version contains five puzzle image packs, the ability to use pictures from the phone’s media library and also pictures captured with your camera. The paid version is ad free, so you have more space for your puzzle pieces and no distractions. Transform your best pictures into puzzles and start have fun arranging their pieces!

The application can be downloaded from the Zune marketplace by following this link:

Here are some screenshots:

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Here are two videos about the game:


Managing personal puzzles


Building Applications for Windows Phone Mango Jump Start, Day II

Here are some of the new things I’ve learned by watching Building Applications for Windows Phone Mango Jump Start, Day II:

  • Isolated Storage Explorer – command line tool for exploring Isolated Storage files and folder structure; Can be found in

C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft SDK\Windows Phone\v7.1\Tools\isolatedStorageExplorerTool\ISETool.exe

  • LINQ to SQL, User Data and OData
  • Reworked WebClient that runs on the originated thread instead of the UI thread
  • Socket support, TCP and UDP
  • Local Tile API, MultiTile and Back of Tile support.
  • Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh394032(VS.92).aspx  is a great SDK component which allows you to run the markeplace verification tests before actually submitting it to the Marketplace
All in all, the new platform seems more mature and offers bunch a new features already present on other platforms.
Enjoy the new features and happy WP7-ing!

Windows Phone Mango – Puzzle Match

After learning about the new network capabilities in Windows Phone Mango, I decided to create a hopefully fun and entertaining game for Windows Phone platform.

The app is going to be a turn-based Puzzle game, called Puzzle Match, that can be  played in either singleplayer mode or multiplayer, over a WI-FI network.

The current requirements I defined for the game are:

  • Easy to create a new game, with as little user intervention as possible
  • Easy to attend a live game
  • The ability to use personal photos as puzzles, either from the gallery, from the camera or from an URL
In each turn, the user will have to find a match as fast as possible in order to win points. The faster he finds a match the more points he gets.
The game will have multiple difficulty levels depending on the puzzle pieces.
The game will use either straight rectangle pieces or curved pieces created using Bezier curves.
I hope you like the prototype, I’m looking forward to implementing it.

Building Applications for Windows Phone Mango Jump Start, Day I

First of all, I would like to present a list of resources to get you started developing WP7 Mango apps.

  • Visual Studio Service Pack 1 (prerequisite for installing the other tools)


  • WP7 7.1 SDK


  • August 2011 Silverlight SDK – some amazing new controls are available, be sure to check the available samples


One of the controls that really got my attentions and I think it’s gonna be useful in many scenarios is the HubTile – an dynamic icon similar to the ones on the start screen which can display an image and additional text information which you can change.

Here are some images:

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The emulator got a bunch of new features like the ability to change the location,  accelerometer parameters and the ability to take snapshots:

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These functions can be accessed the double-arrow pointing right  icon  (last on on the bottom) on the side menu
An here is a list of things I’ve learned today about the new WP7 Mango platform:
  • TextBox now has a InputScope property which dictates the keyboard layout once the control is activated.
  • NavigationService.RemoveBackEntry() allows to remove pages from the navigation stack.
  • Fast App Switch – on application activated handler you can not check if the handle with app switch or complete reactivation
if (!e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved)
{// tombstone}
{ // switch}</span>
  • On the project properties, on Debug page, you can choose if the emulator should switch between apps or close them when debugging
  • Phone contacts access by using the “Contacts” class which offers handy methods for contact retrieval, look-up etc.
  • Real time camera capture without leaving the app context
  • Further integration with Bing services
Good luck with these new tools and features, and remember (quoting Rob Miles):
“Doing stuff is the best way to be successful”