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Windows 10 Halloween games

I have updated my games to run on Windows 10.
The update includes:

  • bug fixes
  • speed¬†improvements
  • Halloween theme

(click on each game icon to download)

Puzzle Frenzy

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

Puzzle Frenzy Kids

Easy Peasy Puzzles

Quiz for Geeks

Quiz for Geeks

Fun with Words

Fun with Words

The Halloween theme includes these background images:

Quiz for Geeks is now available on Windows Phone!

I’m pleased to announce Quiz for Geeks is now available on¬†Windows Phone.

You can now get the same set of questions and the same challenging gameplay at your fingertips!

Give it a try and let me know what your think!

Download link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/quiz-for-geeks/2a79d5ca-c1a0-4f19-b044-6073c41953b7

Constructive feedback and good ratings are encouraged ūüôā

Quiz for Geeks for Windows Phone

Quiz for Geeks for Windows Phone

Coming soon to Windows Store: Quiz for Geeks

  • Who played ‘Rachel Green’ in the TV Show Friends?
  • 19+16=…
  • What is the decimal value of the roman numeral¬†LXIII?
  • What is the local currency in Laos called?
  • What is the¬†name of the element “Cl”?

Can you answer any of these questions in 10 seconds or less? If the answers is YES then Quiz for Geeks is the game for you!

Quiz for Geeks is a fast paced game that tests your knowledge on a variety of topics from geography and history to mathematics and literature as well as entertainment and current events.

Thousands of dynamic questions structured in 5 levels of difficulty will challenge you as you progress in the game.

Quiz for Geeks

The game is days away from being launched,¬†stick around and like our Facebook page, we’ll let you know when it reaches¬†Windows Store.