Windows Phone Mango – Puzzle Match

After learning about the new network capabilities in Windows Phone Mango, I decided to create a hopefully fun and entertaining game for Windows Phone platform.

The app is going to be a turn-based Puzzle game, called Puzzle Match, that can be  played in either singleplayer mode or multiplayer, over a WI-FI network.

The current requirements I defined for the game are:

  • Easy to create a new game, with as little user intervention as possible
  • Easy to attend a live game
  • The ability to use personal photos as puzzles, either from the gallery, from the camera or from an URL
In each turn, the user will have to find a match as fast as possible in order to win points. The faster he finds a match the more points he gets.
The game will have multiple difficulty levels depending on the puzzle pieces.
The game will use either straight rectangle pieces or curved pieces created using Bezier curves.
I hope you like the prototype, I’m looking forward to implementing it.

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