Always double-check your XAML code

A link to a Converter defined in the Resource of an user control like this:


<project:BrokenConverter x:Key=”brokenConverter”/>


and it should be referenced by using

Foreground=”{Binding Broken,Converter={StaticResource brokenConverter}}”

Last night, while experimenting with some code in a hurry, I missed “StaticReference” and my code looked like this:

Foreground=”{Binding Broken,Converter=brokenConverter}”

The results are beyond imagination:

  • VS didn’t complained about the Converter reference
  • The SL application started
  • The browser stopped responding while using around 1 GB RAM πŸ˜€
  • VS stopped responding
  • Windows stopped responding πŸ˜€

After 5 minutes I decided to physically restart the machine in order to use it again πŸ˜€

I can say I learned something today: Always double-check your XAML code!

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